140830 happyyyyyyyyy ^^


140830 happyyyyyyyyy ^^

i wonder why we love ‘shirt choreography so much

Taemin’s biggest fan boys

[OSEN] Leeteuk lost 8kg, currently 57kg.

After Music Bank comeback stage ended, Leeteuk accepted interview. “Didn’t lose weight on purpose. Really had a lot of worries before comeback. Couldn’t sleep well, worried if I can still do well. No appetite too. So weight dropped from 65kg to 57kg” “Riding bicycle often. Although car has been bought a long time ago, recently I have taken an interest in travelling around with the bicycle.”

cr: 韩国me2day | Eng trans: elf_ninida

BANGXHIM @ Music Bank Brazil 2014.


Imagine your bias sleeping next to you, arms and legs wrapped around your body.

cr: yilin710


male idol: *squints* *lifts an eyebrow* *bites lip* *adjusts lapels* *tugs at collar* *rubs thumb along lower lip* *half closes one eye* *tilts chin up* *rolls neck/shoulders* *rubs nose w/ thumb*
me: “chill”